Monday, 1 September 2008

Killing Time, by Kate Pelligrini

Back in April, Kate Pellegrini gave a talk about ‘Painting Space’ from the Killing Time Series. This was part of our regular Late Last Thursday event where Skylark invites the public to visit the gallery after-hours and find out a bit more about our artists.

The 'Killing Time' series, pictured here, is based on Simon Armitage's brilliant poem of the same title, commissioned by the Millennium Committee. The thousand line poem is divided into sections, which explore different aspects of man's relationship with his fellow man, and the state of civilisation at the beginning of the 21st Century. Each section of the poem revolves around a specific theme for example bullets of the Colombine School massacre transferred to flowers (‘Suburban Idyll’), the lunar eclipse of the sun (‘Any Minute Now’). The poem provided the springboard for Kate’s painterly investigations. The paintings are door sized stretched canvases, unframed, featuring impasto oil paint on a thin acrylic base.

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