Friday, 24 April 2009

Gill Hickman shows at Guy's Hospital

Gill Hickman: Cellscapes

Textural Paintings of Human Cells

Showing at
Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London SE1
Continues to Thursday 7th May

Diagnosed HIV positive in 1989, Gill Hickman believed she would not survive past the year 2000. Twenty years on, she is very much alive: successful artist, mother of a healthy teenager and director of Skylark Galleries, South Bank, London.

Her wholehearted change in lifestyle - leaving a stressful job as headteacher to embrace a life of art - has been central to Gill's continuing to lead a full and healthy life.

Long inspired by the way our bodies constantly renew and heal themselves, visualising 'happy, healthy cells' has been part of Gill's routine for years. As an artist, however, the depiction of these cells came quite unconsciously.

Taking the concept of the cell on to canvas, the happy cells have developed a life of their own, becoming more painterly and complex as textures evolved. Gill increasingly added other media - often in warm, rich golds - which represent the infinite dynamics of the millions of living cells we so take for granted.

To walk through the exhibition is to journey from a simple overview to a closer understanding of the power and beauty within our own bodies. As it is now well known that art can promote well-being and recovery, Gill is delighted to be showing in Guy's & St Thomas'.

Atrium 2, Bermondsey Wing
Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital
St Thomas Street
London Bridge SE1

Gill is leading two Happy Cells Visualisation sessions at Skylark (see following blog above for booking details) on Monday 27 and Wednesday 29 April.

Directions and travel options
Gill's website

Top, Gill with Cellscapes Red, above left, Blue Cells in Conversation, and right, Happy Cells Just Chillin'.

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Jillywilly said...

Lovely paintings Gill, Pete & I can't wait to come and pick up our new one! Jill x