Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New at Skylark: Ali Miller

Ali Miller is the latest artist to join Skylark Galleries, showing in the Oxo Tower space. Ali grew up in London, and studied fine art/sculpture at Brighton University, graduating in 2003, and her work was recently selected in the touring Young Masters show, as featured in the Independent. We welcome her to the team.

"I am a great admirer of Skylark Galleries, and was honoured when asked to join the team. It is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a likeminded group of artists that have come together to promote their work and run a gallery in the heart of London.

"My work is fundamentally an amalgamation of personal experiences, family history, religion and identity, exploring the relationship between the individual and the material.

"Memory for me is a source of euphoric inspiration and a Pandora's Box of the more remote qualities of human nature. While my work might signify a nostalgic reminiscence of years past, it also carries with it the weight of pressures and experience of real life. I have drawn from the obstacles placed before me in life in a desire to express and comprehend them. I believe memories shape my life and art first and foremost.

"The works are an expression of my design perspective and interest in family history, an unusual combination but one that I hope succeeds in creating an intimacy you will enjoy."

For more information about Ali's work see www.alimiller.co.uk.

Pictured: Ali Miller, Summer Holiday.

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