Saturday, 17 April 2010

World Cup fever comes to Skylark

The World Cup kicks off in South Africa on 11 June, and with perfect timing, Ben Mosley joins the Skylark team. His works explore the passion and unifying force of football and sport in general - and they're on show in Skylark 2 now.

"I’m 28 and a professional artist from Hertfordshire. Since completing my BA honours Fine Art degree in 2003 at the University of Liverpool, I have continued to progress as an artist and my work can be found in private collections throughout the UK. I have had solo shows in London and have been fortunate enough to have my work televised on MTV Base, and BBC 1 Look North respectively.

"I paint about football and sport because it is something that I have grown up with. In my work I try to convey the passion and emotion that football generates. It’s a tribal game and the spirit and the excitement that is felt by fans and players alike is special. The cultural side of sport is important as well because it brings together in celebration many different cultures from around the world. This is what I try and portray within my work.

"Through my paintings I look to bring together the world of art, football and sport, and portray the passion and raw emotion that football and sport can generate among both players and fans. I depict scenes within football and sport that provoke an emotive response from the viewer, such as scoring a goal, or celebrating an event that is completely magical such as the football world cup, which promotes cultural diversity and racial equality."

Find out more about Ben's work here.

Top, Team Spirit 5, right, The Trinity Hall Samba Boys

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