Sunday, 23 January 2011

Trinidad Ball portrait unveiled

In December, a portrait by Skylark 2 artist Trinidad Ball of Professor Geoff Whitty, the director of the Institute of Education, University of London, was unveiled on the occasion of his retirement. It was unveiled by Lady Elizabeth Vallence in front of Professor Whitty, his family and members of the council. Here is Trinidad with Professor Whitty at the event.

Professor Dylan Wiliam, former deputy director of the Institute of Education, said: "I think the portrait is absolutely stunning. It captures perfectly both Geoff's penetrating intelligence, and also his sense of humour, but also the portrait has a great deal of warmth. I can't think of the words to say exactly what I feel about the portrait—someone once said "Words do not reflect the world, not because there is no world, but because words are not mirrors"—but the portrait is a wonderful and generous illustration of the complexity of the man."

Find out more about Trinidad's work at her website:

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