Sunday, 31 January 2010

New at Skylark: Dwayne Shirley

Painter Dwayne Shirley is the latest arrival at Skylark Galleries. A graduate of Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada, he also shows his work with his wife Sara Shirley at pitch 235 ( at London's Bayswater Road railings each Sunday (weather permitting). We all welcome him to the Skylark team.

"I am a self-taught painter specialising in oil on canvas for the past 11 years. My work has always been intensely focused on 'self-transformation'. It is an ongoing project, which has lately been heavily influenced by my experiences of living in London.

My work is usually created in one sitting. This is because I am interested in true expression from being in the moment, always with the complete honesty of self but without distraction or external influences. This is what defines my art.

I am less concerned with identifying the individual concern; rather my work portrays the universal truth. My work attempts to explore current and relevant issues that are underlining the problems that affect us all. I cannot provide a clear explanation on what one may encounter from viewing my art, nor why. Perhaps the work is a reflection of our deepest pain or a feeling of uncertainty. In any case, my work stands without an artist’s explanation — it is up to the viewer to discover."

To see more of Dwayne's work see his website.

Top image: Sara with Hat, oil on canvas.

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