Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Late First Thursday at Skylark: Gregor Harvie

Gregor Harvie is Skylark 2’s Featured Artist, showing a selection of works on paper and oil paintings. Come and have a glass of wine on Thursday 4 February and meet the artist.

Gregor will give a short talk about GENE MEME, a spectacular exhibition he is holding in June about global population. Visit to find out more.

We’d love to see you there between 6pm and 8pm, Thursday 4 February when there will be 10% off all sales.

Gregor's paintings expose the diverse ways we perceive our existence from one moment to the next. At times we are intensely aware of our inner consciousness; at others it seems we are merely a biological proliferation on the surface of the earth. This duality is reflected in Gregor's two bodies of work: his watercolours and his oil paintings.

His watercolours are emotionally-charged depictions of small groups of people engrossed in their inner worlds. Built up in layers of loose washes and masking fluid, they have a complexity that is both subtle and compelling. In contrast, his oil paintings are abstract representations of the continuum of life; masses of figures progressing endlessly through time. They are painted in a way that mimics the growth of organisms, with dense skeletal layers overlaid by transparent glazes.

Gregor has been exhibiting in London since 2001 when he graduated from art college and received the de Laszlo Foundation Award for Portraiture. He has a PhD in environmental design and is a qualified architect.

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