Friday, 28 May 2010

Gregor Harvie's Gene Meme, 9-20 June

Skylark artist Gregor Harvie is creating an installation about population in the crypt underneath St Pancras church, Upper Woburn Place, London NW1 2BA. Fifty beautiful paintings replicate and mutate, evolving from simple cells to complex crowds. Fifty elegies remember past societies whose rapid growth led to collapse. For each painting sold, Street Child Africa will offer a vulnerable child in Ghana a year's apprenticeship to help raise them out of poverty.

You can listen to Nicky Barranger of The Interview Online talking to Gregor about Gene Meme here.

Gene Meme runs from 9-20 June, Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm. On 10 June a public debate about population will take place in St Pancras Church from 6.30-8.30pm chaired by Radio 4's Geoff Watts with speakers including Professor Aubrey Manning of the University of Edinburgh, and Fred Pearce of the Guardian. Tickets are £6 - for tickets call 07949 093885.

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Gill H said...

This exhibition was AMAZING! I hope they will show it again so that even more people can see it. If you missed it have a look at the blogspot.